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Wissmiller Reunion 2022

It's that time again! We plan to be back at the First Presbyterian Church in Gibson City this year on June 26. Also, we'll return to serving the food buffet style. If you can, bring your favorite dish for the buffet. (It is possible this could change if the pandemic worsens.)

The reunion is a great opportunity to catch up with family members, to meet others for the first time, and as always, to enjoy some great food and fun together. Please come, and bring other family members and friends, too!

Date: June 26, 2022
Time: 12:30 PM Location: First Presbyterian Church, 401 N Church St, Gibson City, IL 60936 Click here for map

2021 Reunion Recap

We got the reunion back on track last year at the library in Gibson City, after missing 2020 due to the pandemic. It was a smaller crowd, but we had big fun.

There were a good number of regulars in attendance. Also, Brittany and Marcus came from the Indianapolis area along with their two delightful youngsters, Czarina and Krys. Brittany has an interest in genealogy, and she and I have already done some collaboration.

Aaron Wissmiller brought a copy of the 1935 Fortune Magazine pictorial about the George Wissmiller farm in Cooksville. My Uncle Evan, who grew up on that farm, was in attendance. He narrated the pictures in great detail, even the names of the horses and the dog. He identified a boy sitting on a wagon in one picture as Uncle Orval. At 97, he still remembers everything!

Julie Wissmiller took these great pictures. Thanks, Julie!

Everyone except Julie, who took all the pictures

Brittany and Sherry

Evan and Roger



Marcus and Brittany

Group Discussion

Jeannete, Paul, Karilyn and Marcus

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