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While cruising around Morehead, KY on our motocycles, George and I ran across these young folks setting up to play some bluegrass. They were students from the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music across the street.

This giant tree was the centerpiece of our deck in back of the house. Last year it picked up Emerald Ash borers, and we had to have it taken down this spring. Very sad. But the guy up in the tree, sawing with one hand and clinging to the tree with the other was truly amazing.

From many years ago, this is Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady (both from Jefferson Airplane) doing an unplugged Hot Tuna song. I like Casady's eyebrow action when he's concentrating on his bass line. Jorma is 10+ years older than me (that's old) and they are both still playing and sounding great.

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