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Aretha says Hi!
Aretha says Hi!


Greetings, folks, and welcome to the new wissmiller.net. We switched from Comcast to T-Mobile for home internet service, and the new gateway won't let me host the website at home like before. Enter GitHub Pages!

GitHub is a web service widely used by open source developers to maintain and share their source code repositories. GitHub Pages offers free hosting for websites stored on GitHub, so it's free web hosting with automatic versioning and source control built in.

However, GitHub Pages does have some have restrictions. It doesn't allow private pages with password protection, so I won't be able to include genealogy or any other sensitive data. Other restrictions required some internal reworking of the website, but it's still much easier than maintainng my own web server.

Anyway, technical stuff is interesting to some and boring to others, so I'll stop here.

I invite you to take a tour and send me your thoughts and comments. To join the email list for family news, such as genealogy and the annual Wissmiller reunion, please send me an email.

This website is forever a work in progress.

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