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My grandfather and my 4 uncles
This is my grandfather (center) and my 4 uncles. My father was away at college at the time.


Important: For privacy protection, the link below requres a user name and password. To get that, please go to Contact Me, and send me an email.

I inherited the original family history on paper at a Wissmiller reunion around 1980, and I've been working on Wissmiller genealogy on and off ever since. In general, I'm gathering data on descendants of Jacob C. Wissmiller and Christiana Fink, the original Wissmiller family that settled in Central Illinois in the 19th century. I'm always happy to receive additions or updates of people related in any way (marriage, adoption, etc.).

My new favorite genealogy software is Gramps. It’s an open source project, available for free, and it has a good web publishing feature. Unlike my old setup, it’s now a lot easier to add/change data and regenerate the pages.

Here's a link to the new pages: wissmiller.net/gramps/individuals.html

Here's a link to the old genealogy pages generated by Legacy Family Tree:
These old pages will not get any further updates.

The easiest way to find a person is to go the “Individuals” page and search for the name (Ctrl + F in most browsers). Your feedback on the new web pages will be valuable to me.

Please take a peek at your branch of the family and send me any additions or corrections. For contact info, see Contact Me.

For births and new people to be added, I need:

  • full name
  • birth date and location
  • any interesting tidbits
  • a portrait style picture, if you have it
For marriages:
  • full names of bride and groom
  • marriage date and location
  • any interesting facts about the marriage
  • a wedding picture, if you have it
For deaths:
  • date and location
  • any further info (obituary, etc.)
Also, please include some context (to whom the new or changed people are related) so I can fit your update into the existing data.

Finally, I'd like to get more pictures of everybody. That makes it more interesting than just names, dates and places. The goal is to have a portrait style picture of as many people as possible. Beyond that, any additional group or activity pictures would be great.


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