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Here you'll find pictures I've collected over the years, organized in sections. Newer pictures are toward the top of the list.

Ride to North Carolina, October 2016 

The Big Ride, September 2016 

Wings of Freedom, August 2016 

Florida vacation, January, 2016 

Motorcycles, past and present 

National Motorcycle Museum  A very cool collection of classic motorcycles in Anamosa, Iowa. See more at: nationalmcmuseum.org

Dad's Slides  Lee Wissmiller (my Dad) was an avid shutterbug, taking mostly 35mm color slides. I did not appreciate it as a kid, but he was an excellent photographer, especially considering that the cameras of the day were totally manual. It was necessary to set the aperture, shutter speed and focus for each shot. For many years, my brother George and I had been storing several boxes of Dad's slides and wondering how to preserve them for the future. Then the Glen Ellyn Public Library acquired a slide scanner that creates computer images, so I scanned the slides and posted them here. Enjoy!

Amusing Pictures 

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